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About website:Professional multitracks library. Your favorite songs in the multitrack format
Online since:September 2006
Collection summary:4757 songs/940 artists/36 genres
File formats:wav 48000 Hz / 24 bit
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Payment Model:One-time bills, non-recurring payments. Membership for 1 Month / 3 Months / 1 Year
Live Support:Yes
Mobile Compatibility:Yes
Recommended software:PC/Mac. Audacity, Reaper, Cubase, ProTools, Logic, etc.
Professional Multitrack Library

Your Favorite Songs

Download Multitracks Of Your Favorite Songs

Download muitltracks of your favorite songs!

It's Available Now: 4757 Multitracks from 940 Artists in 36 Styles

...and premium members can download any multitracks from FileCrush ultra-fast servers!

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One-Click Import

Import Stems In One Click!

Start your work immediately!

  • Universal Format You may import audio files to any music program for PC/MAC/Android/IOs. Fell free to use your accustomed tools!
  • Click-track Metronome plays in a separate file throughout the song, following all tempo deviations. It makes precounts afeter pauses
  • Time-Sync All project tracks are synchronized in time from the beginning to the end. Each part is provided as a single physical file without splitting into takes
  • Quick Mix A quick mixdown with flat channel's volumes (no lead, with or without backing vocals) can be used if deeper customization of the output mix is not required
  • Free Full Mix Download full reference mix for free to check the quality of our work and that the arragement is very close to the original
  • Reference vocal Bright referehce vocal will keep you from getting lost in the song. You will enjoy how vividly and emotionally it is sung.

Customize ANYTHING!

Our Stems Are Fully Customizable

Build your mix as you wish!

  • Adjust the volume for each instrument independently
  • Colorize and shape the sound with EQs of any kinds
  • Set pan, use dynamic processing, add any FXs plug-ins to the chain
  • Control any parameters using automation or in real-time
  • Modify arrangements, re-record or replay any instrument alive
  • Create backing tracks for your instrument, playbacks for your cover band
  • Listen to the parts in detail to get a deeper insight about how the music made
  • Add intros, paste solos or episodes. Re-mouth songs with transparent cuts and crossfades
  • Build custom routing and monitoring level for one or multiple devices. Send a click-track to the drummer's headphones
  • More musical pitch-shift of phonograms, bypassing non-melodic parts (drums and percussion)
  • Tempo stretching with fewer artifacts thanks to per-channel algorithms application
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Read FAQ!

Read Isolated Tracks FAQ

TOP-5 Questions

Is this library FREE?

No, it's not free. You should have a Premium account to download multitracks.

Do you have a free TRIAL?

Right now, you may use free library.

How many multitracks will I get with Premium Membership?

Daily Download Limit - 50 Gb. It's about 500 songs for any 24 hours.

How can I buy individual tracks?

We do not sell inididual tracks. Only the full library access is provided.

Are these original recordings?

No, these are re-recodrings.

Music is a challenging thing.
Sound production is much more complex.
All these things do not tolerate fuss and haste in any form!

For newbies: we strongly recommend reading the entire FAQ! If you want to solve your creative and business tasks with our library, onboarding will take a few minutes!

Our Clients

Arnella GaribovicSound Engineer, Alumni of SAEAuckland, NZ

“You could hardly find another stems library on the Internet, comparing to this site by its size. We often use it. It helps us at work so much! We highly recommend it!”

Lizzy ParksSinger, "Lizzy and The Gentlemen"Cannes, FR

“My friend from another cover group recommended this library to me, and the first song I heard was the one from Adele’s repertoire. At first, I thought that these guys have found and uploaded an original multitrack for an open access! Some songs are almost impossible to differentiate from an original! To my mind, it’s an excellent work! Thank you!”

Sophie FrancesSinger, Seraph BandPort Talbot, UK

“I work in a duet with the guitar player; we play covers and original. There may be a problem with covers: a song (especially modern, rhythmical, and dancing) does not sound well to the guitar accompaniment. It neither gets you worked up nor hitches up. Then we take multitrack here, delete some channels, record some parts, and make an excellent backing track! It’s convenient when everything’s ready. The price for the access is really ridiculous!”

Vasily RudenkoZildjian and Tama Endorser, Founder of Ebsh showMoscow, RU

“I often need multitracks and stems and isolated-tracks catalog is the very first place where I go!”

Ongart Kaweekiattikhun (Earth)Dummer, "Earthband"Bangkok, TH

“This production library always helps us a lot! The most important thing is that we save lots of time that’s usually spent on song analysis and transcribe! At first, we perform three together, without drums and a backing vocal. Then, as soon as the track is sung and learned, we start to perform it with a live band! However, when drummer and second soloist come to repetition they know form of multitrack. We can make lots of very complex songs and arrangements very quickly!”

Todiras VasileGuitaristChisinau, MD

“Sounds dearly but price is so affordable!”

Nataly DawnSinger, "Pomplamoose"Sacramento, US

“Such projects like this are undoubtedly useful for many musicians around the World! I’d like to will you prosperity!”

Dave BoleyElectronic repair, radio hamManningtree, UK

“At our forum, many musicians and singers know and compliment this site and its library; sometimes I jam or improvise to a multitrack myself using this catalog. It’s so wonderful that you don’t have to record or transcribe anything, everything is done! Just turn off unnecessary instruments and play. It's for such totally lazy guys like I am. ”

Rudi AbrahamsBass-guitarist, "5 Levels Up"Cape Town, ZA

“We’ve always played with multitracks downloaded from this library before but have recently taken a drummer to our band… At the first rehearsal, in a moment, we have felt contrast to performance by multitrack, the band has lost its rhythm. That’s why we had to make the drummer play with click at the first rehearsal. We still use some multitracks, leaving percussion or loops for listeners (it makes sound more tight) and click for out drummer. It’s pleasant that we don’t need to transcribe, mix, or remaster anything, as well as everything is clear rhythmically. A track doesn’t sound, it rolls!”

Wei-Xiong WabgSkillman Music Recording StudioNew York, US

“At musical school where I work, the administration always asks me to find phonograms for student performances. Quality of phonograms is just awful at some sites; so, I have to spend time on creation backtracks via MIDI, connect up tons of libraries and plugins to Cubase. Even if I spend a whole day for a phonogram in my studio instruments still sound artificially. I have to edit some percussion parts manually by velocity as they sound like a burst of sub-machine gun fire while wind instruments don’t sound in any library! I take ready-to-use phonograms here if it is possible. I haven’t faced such problems with sources because instruments are performed live or, in case with MIDI, with hands directly! ”

Bartosz PiekarskiSound DesignerLondon, UK

“Multitracks are our future! It's more close future than you can imagine. Many groups working with multitracks today (The Muse, Simply Red). And the listener takes it!”
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Crush These F***king Barriers!

Crush These Fucking Barriers

When not everything is ROSY F***K all barriers, and make music!

Learn How The Music Made The multitrack gives you deep insights into how the song is done. Thanks to the isolation of tracks, you can comprehend the way of composer thinking and understand the role of each instrument in the arrangement and the overall music landscape. Stems are a potent tool for parts transcribing, song deconstruction, and practicing for people with a minimal technical background. In our multitracks, we keep the original song's structure and reproduce the entire arrangement to the smallest detail. You can take the full mix of any piece for free to check this. Learn How The Musis Works For the analysis and study, the multitrack opens excellent features for you. In stereo, many things can remain hidden even from the experienced listener. By listening to the part in isolation from the rest, you can learn all the details, slow down fast passages and phrases, check the melodic position of the chords, and many more. Tempo stretching works in the more accurate way thanks to the per-channel application of algorithms. Click-track and rhythmically verified performance of a live ensemble will not allow you to relax and drive your performing skills. You won't have bad habits such as unrhythmic or sloppy rendition. In addition, if you have a vision of how to make an original cover version, feel free to use our stems as a basis for your experiments!

Advanced Arranger/Producer Putting your creative energy into creating something new would be more attractive than replaying existing songs, even if you have enough resources, knowledge, and skills. It's the powerful argument for those who wish to do everything themselves to use ready-made stempacks if their quality is up to the task. Live multitrack sources are hard to find; this niche is almost not worked out in the contemporary audio production. It's not surprising because recording such phonograms is a complex process. Advanced Producer, Arragner With live multitrack, you do not have to transcribe anything and spend your time looking for realistic timbres in VST/RTAS libs. Samples cannot replace live performance in such styles as jazz, rock, etc. There're many nuances in live playing that may be crucial for a particular song, bar, or passage if you need a musicality. An experienced producer can spend a lot of time on a MIDI project, but comparing his result with playing a live band, he will be disappointed. We want you to avoid disappointment! Let us show you a happy-path. Our professional team will do this work cheaper and faster, musicians can play all the song for 1-2 takes. Stems provide an editing and mixing flexibility. All your cuts and cross-fades will be precious and transaprent. Per-channel processing allows to incorporate better all the live parts into your mix. We will be glad if you have urgent tasks that may be solved with stems from our library.

Successful Band-Leader Good songs are in high demand, as are good musicians. Here we publish a lot of what your listeners expect. Let's break a little secret: we keep in touch with cover bands in different countries. These music groups have been able to simplify a whole bunch of working processes thanks to the IsoTracks. We would be happy if you could find us, and we hope it will be a long and beneficial friendship. Because not every band leader is ready to share the name of this site with his colleagues. We understand it clearly: the entertainment market is very competitive. Seriously, stems provide vast opportunities to your band. Successful Entertainers Multitrack is becoming more and more applicable and actively used for live performances by many world-famous artists. Ready-made multitrack is a common reference for transcribing and repetitions for the whole team. Each musician can practice at their own pace. Prepare custom playbacks for gigs, and make the overall sound brighter. Free your hands and body for dancing; don't try to play all parts or double tracks alive! Small cover groups, with two or three members, are in-demand now. Get more offers if you have such a small band or when your client's budget is limited. Feel free to say "Yes" to the client desiring to add some song unfamiliar to your playlist. Try searching for this ready-made multitrack in our library! Let our library give you more time to work on promos and communication with agencies because a cover band is not only music. It includes essential business processes and promotion activities as well.

Make Your First Mix

Make Your First Mix

Try It For Free

You will have to be the sound producer of your mix. You wish to make excellent backing tracks for your gigs or home music-making, don't you? The high quality of our sources will allow you to achieve outstanding results, even if you do not have an experience with digital audio or expensive studio equipment. Make your test mix with multitracks from our free library. Prepare your operation system, test your hardware loaded, install all the required software and plugins.

Newbies: use Audacity.
For more complex tasks work with Cubase, ProTools, and FlStutio.

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